The Postpoet is a poetic textgenerator. It creates poetry out of posts on social media. At the moment it concentrates on the generating of haiku’s out of Twitterfeeds, but in the past it has also, as it will in the future, written sonnets and free verse out of Twitterfeeds of some well known politicians and public figures. In fact, a while ago it for instance debuted the collected sonnets of both Dutch fascist-like politician Geert Wilders and the Pope.

The Postpoet has a sincere interest in all language available and is always more than willing to write for you as well. Test it by following @thepostpoet on Twitter. It will tweet a haiku, generated out of the text from your own twitterfeed, right back at you.

The Postpoet is a project by Emile den Tex and Matthijs Ponte and will officially be launched at OHM 2013.